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  • Air Traffic Control Specialist - Tower (2nd shift)

    Location SA-Riyadh
    Aviation Training & Support
  • Overview

    Serves as the Senior Air Traffic Control Specialist for ATC operations and procedures with oversight of assigned ATC specialist. Operates fixed and tactical air traffic control towers, radars, and flight following facilities. Provide positive control for simultaneous ground movements and arriving and departing rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.  Responsible for supervising and supporting the safe operation, movement, and flight procedures of rotary wing aircraft in a training environment.

    A. Duties/responsibilities:

    1. Operates tactical navigation aids.
    2. Provides oversight and supervision of Air Traffic Control Specialists during shifts.
    3. Provides training management for assigned controllers.
    4. Provide air traffic control for arriving & departing aircraft operating under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) or Visual Flight Rules (VFR) using two-way radio communications.
    5. Determine/issue departure instructions to aircraft operating under IFR; record data on approach control flight strips;
    6. Furnish clearance for landing aircraft under GCA control through final approach controller.
    7. Coordinate delivery of instrument clearances.
    8. Assign approach times & holding instructions. Use radio & radar contact to give vectors & altitude assignments to pilot. Control aircraft on approach & landing using radio or Precision radar equipment.
    9. Furnish pilot weather data.
    10. Applies air traffic control rules, procedures, and regulations.
    11. Processes flight plan data.
    12. Formulates and issues air traffic control clearances, advisories, and control information.
    13. Maintains logs, records, files, and tape recordings of voice communications.
    14. Interprets and relays notice to airmen information.
    15. Reads and interprets Flight Information Publications and aeronautical charts.
    16. Analyzes air traffic to identify and resolve potential conflicts.
    17. Controls airborne and ground traffic on and in the vicinity of the airport/heliport.
    18. Updates Automated Terminal Information Systems and performs radar scope alignment.
    19. Coordinates terminal/en route control.
    20. Provides non-radar approach control, ground-controlled approach, en route flight flowing, and tower services.  
    21. Conducts air traffic control facility and on the job training for Customer Aviation Command personnel.
    22. Briefs shift personnel on runway utilization, airfield conditions and weather/ground activities.
    23. Prepares and updates flight following maps.

    B. Independence: Works within Army Airfield Air Traffic control rules, procedures, and regulations with minimal supervision.


    C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Has supervisory responsibility for assigned Air Traffic Control Specialists.


    A. Education Level: Applicants must clearly indicate possession and date of Air Traffic Control Specialist Certification (ATCS) and Control Tower Operations Certificate (CTO) on their resume or be a Graduate of US Army Aviation 15Q Air Traffic Controller Course-required. Valid Certificates are required to be submitted with employment application. Prior to appointment, selectee must pass a Class IV Flight Physical. An annual physical will be required.


    B. Experience: Ten years experience as an Air Traffic Controller desired. Seven years minimum experience as an Air Traffic Controller required.  Former Army or Air Force NCO (E-6 through E-8) preferred. Air Traffic Controller experience within the last 5-years preferred.


    C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements: Must possess an understanding of Aviation Operations Management specific to rotary wing aircraft traffic control.  Demonstrated performance in the management of Air Traffic Operations activities from previous job positions.  Demonstrated knowledge of the employment of ATC support in airfield operations.  Ability to communicate effectively both orally and written.  Fluent in English-required.  Ability to speak and understand Arabic-desired.  Ability to operate effectively under stressful circumstances.  Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner.  Valid driver’s license.


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