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  • AH-64E Technical Inspector

    Location SA-Riyadh
    Aviation Maintenance
    Hire Type
  • Overview

    Functions as the Aviation Maintenance Quality Control/Quality Assurance(QC/QA), technical inspector under the direction of the QC Manager. Technical Inspector / Inspector Authorization duties include sign-off of all red ‘X’ and circle red ‘X’ conditions pertaining to the aircraft systems, and aircraft components.  Technical inspector of all specific airframe, power-train, power-plant, armament, electrical and avionics systems. Determines requirement to conduct a Maintenance Test Flight (MTF) / Maintenance Operational Check (MOC), and provides inspection criteria interpretation to maintenance staff. Uses common measuring tools, precision measuring gages and alignment fixtures (GFE).  Assists the Customer in maintaining a current technical library and applicable aircraft forms and records. Assists the Customer Weight and Balance (W&B) technician to complete Weight and Balance records for all assigned aircraft and complete all appropriate Weight and Balance documentation according to Customer directives and applicable manuals. Functions as the site QC Data Analyst, and the technical and compliance documentation administrator. Establishes the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards, measures and reports in support of the maintenance program for all maintenance support activities. Ensures that all related operations are conducted in a safe manner. Conducts maintenance and technical inspector training as required and input OJT training data in learning management system database.

    A. Duties/responsibilities:

    1. Performs quality technical inspection of aircraft, equipment, vehicles, aircraft components, parts, and systems (including avionics, electrical, instrument and armament) as required by functional assignment.
    2. Performs quality and safety inspections of on-site equipment and tools used in aircraft maintenance, vehicles, and equipment
    3. Performs in-progress and final quality technical inspections during maintenance, repair, modification, rework, and overhaul of aircraft, aircraft components, and component parts.
    4. Inspects job procedural forms and maintenance forms used in the performance of aircraft maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance to assure compliance with approved methods and procedures.
    5. Assists in preparation, processing, and answering of Quality Deficiency Reports (QDRs). Assists in aircraft accident investigations, prepares estimated cost of damage reports as required.
    6. Establish the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards, measures, and reports in support of the maintenance program and in coordination with Supply Chain Management (SCM) activities.
    7. Directs inquires, investigations, and research analysis related to quality control maintenance processes and supporting maintenance activities, to the QC Manager.
    8. Ensures all quality control maintenance operations and related maintenance support activities are conducted in a safe manner.
    9. In coordination with the QC Manager, supports the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) processes and procedures.
    10. Conducts maintenance training and technical inspector training as required.
    11. Other tasks as directed by the QC Manager.

    B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Retains the authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.


    C. Supervisory Responsibilities: As assigned.


    A. Education Level Requirements: 

    • High school diploma or equivalent required.

    B. Experience Requirements:

    • Direct experience as an Aircraft Technical Inspector.
    • Five (5) years’ experience maintaining specific or similar Mission Design Series (MDS).

    C. Specific Knowledge, Skills, Certifications, and Ability Requirements:

    • Graduate of a US Military Aircraft Maintenance Course or civilian equivalent.
    • Proficient in the use of computer-hosted interactive technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms, and other aircraft related documentation. 
    • Proficient in MS Office software. 
    • Professional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
    • Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner. 
    • Possess a valid US issued driver’s license and passport.
    • Successfully pass an overseas deployment physical upon hire.

    D. Desired/Preferred Education, Skills, and Experience:

    • Able to use the Automated Weight and Balance Software (AWBS). 
    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Inspector Authorization (IA) certificate. 
    • AH-64E TI and training experience. 
    • A&P license.
    • Bachelor’s Degree.


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